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Bookshelf Wines - Best Wines

Niles and Sheila Bookshelf Wines

 Sheila and Niles Fleege introduced Bookshelf Wines in the spring of 2017.   They specialize in high quality wines in very small quantities.

Niles was born and raised in small town Galena, Illinois. He had an idyllic small Midwest town upbringing. He and his friends rode bikes all over town in summer, played baseball, and played golf with his dad and friends. Niles followed career opportunities in California. Sheila was born and raised on a dairy farm in south Louisiana Cajun country. She was raised by lots of French speaking family eating lots of good food. Sheila joined the military and was stationed in California when she and Niles met by chance.

Niles and Sheila Bookshelf WinesNiles and Sheila Bookshelf WinesThey moved to El Dorado County in 2001 and have lived in Georgetown for the last few years, farming six acres of grapes at their Vinehill Vineyard.   They began as hobby winemakers  then partnered with award winning winemaker Dominic Mantei.  Dominic has over 20 years of experience and has won many awards including the California Golden Bear Award. 

Bookshelf has just three wines for 2017.  2015 Zinfandel, 2016 Viognier and the White Pinot Noir called “Dichotomy.”  Their first time in wine competition at the El Dorado County Wine Competition saw their Zinfandel win Double Gold and Best of Class awards, and the 2016 Viognier won Silver.

Located in North El Dorado County, Vinehill is a 30+ year old vineyard located near Georgetown, CA. This 2,700 foot elevation north facing Sierra Foothills vineyard produces Burgundy varietals of pinot noir and chardonnay. In addition, the upper, sunnier slopes produce Rhone varietals of viognier and syrah. Rounding out major varietals on the sunniest slope is Sangiovese. We source our Zinfandel from award winning Thad’s Vineyard in South El Dorado County.

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