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Greg & Deborah of Ursa Vineyards

 Ursa VineyardsThe couple met while a part of the winemaking team at David Bruce Winery, where Greg headed up Grower Relations. Greg is a highly regarded viticulturist and a consultant for numerous vineyards.
In 2001, Greg and Deborah moved to the Sierra Foothills to pursue hotter climate varietals.

Deborah grew up spending her summers visiting family in the Pyrénées Mountain town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, France where she gained an appreciation for her Basque heritage. The region inspired work on a Basque blend that makes predominant use of the Tannat grape, known for its powerful tannin and dark pigmentation. The couple fell in love with the varietal and have been making wines with it every year since. 

Greg Stokes:  "We’ve been winemaking for most of our adult lives. I started up in the north coast of California, Mendicino County and worked my way down to the Santa Cruz Mountains area and worked with David Bruce Winery for eighteen years, as their viticulturalist and grower relations consultant and then moved into winemaking there as well. Then we started Ursa, Deborah can give you her background..."

Deborah Elissagaray:
  "I have a similar situation, started off in Santa Cruz and started off with David Bruce, worked with Paul Woffard at Bargetto who’s a winemaker here now at Woffard Acres, and finally headed up here, started D’Elissagaray Basque Blend, then we are now making that under the Ursa label too."

So yeah, It’s been fun. :)

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 They were awarded "Best of El Dorado County Winemaker"  2017


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