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Rich and Christine Rordan - Cantiga Wineworks

Rich Rordan Cantiga WineworksRich Rorden
Owner & winemaker

Rich has been involved in winemaking for as long as he can remember, and has learned much of his method from his father, Bud. In making wine for Cantiga Wineworks, Rich continually searches for ways to preserve the integrity of the family method while mediating this with the unique requirements of a somewhat larger-scale, commercial production. Before Cantiga, Rich worked as a mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry. A Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduate, Rich worked for TRW in Manhattan Beach for over a decade, designing satellites for both commercial and government projects. He applies the same meticulous attention to detail to his winemaking!

Christine Rordan Cantiga WineworksChristine Rorden
Owner & manager

Christine handles the company's marketing and administration, as well as assisting with wine making alongside her husband, Rich. In addition to running the company's office, she takes care of Cantiga's next generation of winemakers. In her previous life, Christine worked as an ethnomusicologist and educational writer. She received a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto, where she specialized in early music, particularly the Renaissance lute. She then graduated with an MA in ethnomusicology from UCLA, where she specialized in Balkan and Near Eastern music. Christine can sometimes be found playing one of her exotic instruments at Cantiga's special events, accompanied by Rich on hand drums.

Seth Asst Winemaker - Cantiga WineworksSeth, pictured here with his wife, Nicole,
Assistant Winemaker

Seth has been part of the Cantiga Wineworks family since 2010. With a background in Environmental Science (Feather River College), Seth is a big proponent of natural wine making and sustainable agriculture. Seth is equally adept in both the tasting room and the cellar, and customers thoroughly enjoy his perspectives and insights. When he is not making wine, Seth enjoys brewing craft beer and hiking, camping or skiing in the high Sierras.




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