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Cantiga Wineworks

Cantiga WineworksCantiga Wineworks is a small family winery in the Sierra Foothills specializing in natural, hand-crafted, classic-style wines for the dinner table, aged the way wines used to be aged.

Cantiga wines are aged for an average of five years before they are released— virtually unheard of in today's market-driven era.  And by happy coincidence Cantiga's stylistic goals happen to also have health benefits!

Rich and Christine’s customers that suffer from wine allergies claim no adverse reactions from Cantiga wines. The reason is this natural minimal-intervention wine making style.  Cantiga wines are made gently, and by preventing malolactic fermentation to preserve the natural varietal character, acidity and balance.  Modern wineries use ML (secondary) fermentation to transform and softens acids, in part for the economics of getting wine to market faster. Cantiga Wineworks' classic winemaking style doesn’t do any of that...

Rich and Christine Cantiga WineworksCantiga Wineworks doesn't use enzymes, fancy yeasts, fining agents, color enhancers or any other additives to achieve their wine making goals, and the higher acidity of the wines means keeping sulfite levels very low.  Since acid is a natural preservative; wines higher in acidity do not require the sulfite levels that softer wines require-  thus making them easier on allergies.  Because of this classic techiques in winemaking, Cantiga Wines can cellar for decades, allowing complexities to gradually increase and unfold.

It’s about the dinner table.
By preserving the natural acidity of the wine and the purity of the fruit, non-malolactic wine, with livelier acidity, elegant balance and fruit-forward character, is generally better suited to food too.  The goal is classic-style wines for the dinner table that can be aged for decades, the way wine used to be aged.

"This is the way wine was made for centuries. It’s like stepping into the past, into a time that predates processing, additives, and food allergies. While Cantiga wines are not certified organic, they are however, simply common-sense, natural."

Cantiga wines:  Natural, hand crafted, classic style, and aged FOR you… because of the natural production style, Cantiga wines are aged longer than most wineries do before releasing them. The average barrel time of Cantigas reds is three years, then they get another year or two in bottle.  With proper cellaring at home, Cantiga wines will continue to develop gracefully for many years to come. Old world winemaking that takes TIME, creates a better wine with natural acidity, balance, and pure varietal character.  Drink some now and also cellar a few bottles at home for even more nuanced experience over time.

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