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Joseph Soggé Wine

Joseph Soggé WinesJoseph Soggé Wines

At SOGGÉ our goal is to craft unique, distinguishable wines expressing an unmistakable sense of the vineyard from which they originate. Taste, savor, and see for yourself.

Maintaining fidelity with nature, while making the the most expressive wine possible, is our goal and passion. Each is a Certified Craft Wine, and stands apart from the formulated, monstrous fruit-forward, and high-alcohol styles so pervasive in the market today. 

Oak, when present in our wines, is delicate, not overt; a result of barrel aging to stabilize and complement the natural aromatics, fresh fruit and floral notes of the grape varieties  with which we work.

Craft Wine AssociationThe making of fine craft wine begins by stepping out of the cellar and into the vineyard; for it is here, and only here, that all great wines are made. We begin ours by selecting California North Coast and Sierra Foothill family-owned growers whose vineyards are meticulously tended to encourage the most terroir influenced character possible.

As we do with our estate vineyards, we work with like-minded growers committed to sustainable and natural faming; working with nature to bring vitality to the soil and goodness to our wine. Such techniques put more natural nourishment into the earth than they take out by emphasizing the use of complementary and organic compounds for the soil, along with the application of natural remedies, rather than chemical, to nurture ecological health in the vineyard.

By maintaining purity, simplicity, and an adherence to the rhythms of nature, we nurture wines expressing the unique character of both the varieties and vineyards identified on our labels.

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