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E16 Winery Robert Jones and Daniel Moore

Robert Jones E16 WineryOur winemaking team recognizes the value of partnering with celebrated and distinguished growers who share our committment for sustainability and devotion to the fruit's truest expression of its unique terroir.

Grandfather Alipio Paculba planted grapes near Lodi, California in 1940 on a small farm that later spread to 25 vineyard acres. Fruit was mostly sold to wineries, but a young Robert Jones helped separate wine from skins in a basket press as the family made small lots for personal enjoyment. Disseminated among the tasks were lessons about attention to detail and the honor of labor — values forming the cornerstones of his philosophy on life.

I still have that old basket press,” said Jones, “and recall the family harvest parties where we roasted a pig on a spit.

He worked on the farm through high school and college. Achieving success in the late 1980s tech industry, Jones purchased vineyard property in El Dorado County near road E16 to recreate his grandfather’s tradition. He later added more vines and sold grapes to local wineries.

Jones met winemaker Daniel Moore, an early champion of the region who shared his passion for both varietals. Working with likeminded growers, they established the E16 wine program highlighting sustainable vineyards and Moore’s winemaking wisdom.

As the E16 brand gained favor among wine critics,
the pair focused on making Rhone varietal wines for Robert’s Firefall label from the El Dorado County estate he had purchased earlier. With cool nights resulting from elevations of 2400 feet, the property’s Baby Rattlesnake Vineyard is ideal for growing Rhone grapes that receive the same degree of care and consideration as the fruit in the E16 program.

The combined efforts of Robert and Daniel are manifested in the creation of two separate programs, E16 and Firefall, with a common goal of making wines that express a sense of place, longstanding partnerships with growers, and distinction in the bottle.

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