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Dominic Mantei

Dominic Mantei Award Winning Wine MakerDominic Mantei has over 20 years’ experience and has won many winemaking awards including the California Golden Bear Award.

Dominic earned his Enology and Viticulture degree out of Fresno State. He has produced award winning wines for Windwalker Winery, Bookshelf Wines, Everhart Cellars, Hart 2 Hart Vineyards, and many other El Dorado County wineries. Dominic has helped create extraordinary Zinfandels, White Pinot Noir, and an amazing Voignier which can each be found here at Bookshelf Wines offerigs.

Dominic’s wines have proven that he is a top winemaker in the state, having consistently been awarded top awards at numerous elite competitions. He is excited to bring his winemaking style of big and balanced reds, refreshing whites and delicious dessert wines, and to be able to showcase the best grapes from the best vineyard locations and terroir of the Sierra Foothills.

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In this video Niles and Shiela Fleege of Bookshelf Wines discuss working with Dom -

" ...Shiela is the winemaker but we have a consulting winemaker whose fantastic. His name is Dominic Mantei. Dominic was a Fresno State grad, over twenty-five years of experience, and Shiela is UC Davis, so to see these two sit down and talk about wine is pretty fun, the different perspectives. Working with Dominic has been a treasure.

His ability to make great Zinandel is just out of this world and he’s helped Bookshelf Wines to make good Zin. Award winners. Another example is the Viognier. With his guidance we didn’t want to make a real orange bomb. We wanted to make it fruity but not so big and with his guidance we were able to do that. That means you manage the vineyard, but also when you’re picking it, when you crush it, how hard you crush it… Instead of one and a half bars you press it at one bar… so you don't get some of the things you may get with other Viogniers.

From start to finish he’s been a VERY helpful, in the vineyard and in production. Dominic has a lot to say about when we’re going to pick. He’ll come out and walk through the vineyard with us and sample the grape and guide us. It’s not just a numbers game. A lot of times you pick samples and get the numbers… and if the numbers look good you bring it in. But theirs WAY more to it than just the numbers. It’s also the FEEL. Dominic Mantei has that.


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