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James Has A Special Order Code For You

JamesHello My Coffee Friends!
I'm James Vaughn. Some of you have known me for the last twenty years!  I created The Coffee Project in 1997 when we were all figuring out the crazy home roasting coffee thing...  I’ve started a new venture in wine. The focus is solely on El Dorado County wines from Northern California's Sierra Foothills. 

The Coffee Project is now under the careful watch of Corey and Christina.  They had been customers for over a decade and are highly capable at the helm.

El Dorado County in Northern California is an upcoming appelation in wines.  This a very similar venture for me as The Coffee Project.  It’s about terroir, elevation, climate, agriculture, tasting, enjoying, and relationships. It's super fun to take what I know about coffee and apply it to another field, if you’ll excuse the pun.  And as usual, I'm a bit ahead of the curve, so watch out. El Dorado County is going to get some press in the next few years. There are at least 80 of the best Northern California wineries within a short drive of me and I'll be adding more wines to the site over time.

I’d like to invite you to look around the wine site, ‘Like' us on Facebook, and sign up for the newsletter!  located in the bar on the right.  >>>


...Here’s something special for CoffeeProject Friends:

Use the code  coffeeproject  for 10% off orders from this site.  

I’ll leave this open ended for now and see how it goes. That should plenty to make up free shipping at a few bottles or so.  Hopefully it works out that way for you. If you want to discuss wine or anything, contact me through this site, or directly at

I miss you!


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