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El Dorado County Wines

El Dorado CountyThe El Dorado Wine Region is simply the most exciting wine producing area in the state of California!

That's a pretty big statement.  But there are three basic reasons for this.:

First, it is relatively young, from about the 1960's and is now emerging as a world class region.  The wineries are smaller, family owned, and operated, not run by huge corporations.  The whole area is very approachable-  especially for tourism and hanging out. 

Second, the winemakers and grape growers have drawn on the knowledge base of U.C. Davis and many years of experience working for wine making operations in California and all over the world. They really know their craft and are willing to take chances to make the best possible wines.  

Third, the climate and soil of the area is carefully matched to the grape varieties that are planted here.  The right grapes are planted in ideal locations. 

el dorado county wine ava mapTo top it off,  the beauty and slower pace of the region make it an absolute pleasure to visit. See point #1 again :)

Draw a straight line between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. 
Most of that is El Dorado County.

El Dorado is the best of all possible worlds for wine lovers.  It is still relatively unknown, the online wine prices are well below those of the more famous Napa Valley.  In El Dorado County you'll find microclimates of different elevations and soils. such as Apple Hill/Camino, Fair Play, and Pleasant Valley., all available here to visit and mail order.

CLICK HERE for more information about El Dorado County AVA.

Welcome! to El Dorado County!
   From your hosts Marty and James

   Here's some of what you may not know about El Dorado County wines too...

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