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GrapesThe Tempranillo grape is usually associated with the great red Rioja wines of Spain.  However, it is widely planted throughout southern Europe, but may not be recognized because it is called by different names in different regions.  Regardless, it is capable of producing jug wine quality reds as well as superior red table wines.

Tempranillo is beginning to acquire a following in the El Dorado Region and clearly is destined to be one of the best reds available here.  Tempranillo has been in California for many years and was probably brought here from Spain by the Spanish explorers.  For many years, it was grown mainly in the Central Valley and used to make jug wines, much like Zinfandel.

Although the plantings of Tempranillo are very limited in El Dorado County, the wines being made from it are excellent.  The grape does best when grown in areas with warm days and cooler nights.  This is perfect for the higher elevation of the El Dorado Region.  Some of our best winemakers are seeking out good Tempranillo grapes and more plantings are bound to take place. 

Watch for a great future for El Dorado Tempranillo.

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